Its always nice when clients take the time to write a review! Thank you all for your feedback – it’s been an absolute pleasure capturing your special occasions and events…

5.0 ★★★★★ 169 reviews

Lucy & Marc ★★★★★ “SHORT REVIEW – TOTALLY AMAZING & AWESOME, GO ON & BOOK JOHN, YOU WONT REGRET IT. Below is the long version, for reading with a cup of tea!

My husband and I are both very photo shy and so the thought of having a wedding and being photographed all day long wasn’t particularly appealing to us. I just wanted a few decent shots of our family and friends together and a photo album we could look back on in many years to come and exclaim over how nice we all looked, how young we all looked, who was there with us and who is still alive!

So I trawled through many photographer websites, most of whom were only offering a whole day package for a serious amount of cash. We had already blown our budget so didn’t see the value in paying for shots of us totally plastered or passed out on in the bar at the end of the night (my friends captured that AND put it on Facebook). Nor did I particularly want any shots of me eating my dinner or getting ready. I can look in a mirror to see how rubbish I look before the make-up goes on.

John offered a half day package, which was 2 hours more than enough for us. Or so we thought… We met John at our hotel venue and both of us instantly liked him. He is a friendly and generous person and we all sat and had a chat about what we wanted (Us- 5 shots. Him – loads and loads of great ideas). John listened patiently to all the quirks I had detailed for him regarding my rather strange family situation without even a chuckle. Think ‘Eastenders on acid’ and you are half way there…

Needless to say, after an hour or so John was now booked in for the whole day and a great big fat photo album afterwards. Not through any badgering at all on his behalf I hasten to add. Just from us realising that if we were to do this we wanted to do it properly and not miss out on capturing moments that we would later regret. And we liked him so much, we left really looking forward to seeing him again on the day.

So, THE DAY… John was just everywhere. Amazing really. But not in your face. Just in the background capturing memories for us. He did take some shots of me in the room before I went downstairs, that at the time I didn’t really appreciate, as I was so stressed about being late. But afterwards I was so very glad he did it. Because the dress and my face looked great in those shots. And he KNEW that, of course as he is the professional that he is. Then the wedding went by so quickly and I got teary (very teary, mascara running down my face teary) and it poured with rain all afternoon and the dress got messy, then we started drinking and never really stopped. But all the time he was there and we were so very grateful.

A great thing he did was hand round an iPad, for anyone who wished to leave their email. They could then log in to an online gallery of photos and download for free or order prints of whichever ones they wanted. Genius!

His photos are totally amazing, so go on and hire him for that. But if you hire John you also, for no extra cost at all, get a supportive friend by your side for what is the most important day of your life. So many times he checked I was OK and I really appreciated it. He was so friendly to everyone, all my guests commented how nice he was.

Today he delivered our book of photos. To describe it as a book doesn’t do it justice. It is a huge leather box, inside of which is a heavy leather book with thick card pages full of beautiful photos of our perfect day from start to finish. He has worked so hard on this, adding in photos we didn’t pick, to create the perfect whole memory of our special day. I am shedding a few tears thinking about it now.

We love you John! And we really want to thank you so much for the TOTALLY AMAZING job xxx”.

Emma & David ★★★★★ “From the moment we met John at a wedding fair we just knew we had to have him as our photographer, he literally was an absolute breeze to talk to, so friendly, warm and welcoming. 

There was no pressure at all for us to book him, he was very laid back and easy going to talk to, due to all this we couldn’t leave until we had at least pencilled him in! 

So we got together with John before our big day to go through some examples of his work and add anything we’d like for the day.
His examples were beautiful, which of course made us realise we’d definitely found the best photographer!
One thing we discussed was photographs of our children on the day, having 4 we knew it would be a tough job for him.
Our young son was the challenge we mainly pre-warned John about, he’s autistic and on the go 24/7 so he’s extremely hard to get a good photograph out of!
But wow is literally all we can say!
The photos of him that John captured are amazing, along with all our other children, but our son, being the biggest challenge, are the ones that stand out more because we know ourselves how hard photos are with him. He’s managed to capture all our sons cheeky grins, which is exactly what we asked for.
They are absolutely beautiful, the natural shots of him and all our family and friends from our special day are breathtaking, more than we could of asked for.
Every shot John has taken really has captured the moment.
My husbands photos of him before I arrived literally tell a story themselves just by looking at them, John has captured he’s changing emotions, from happiness, right through to those last minute nerves kicking in.
(no idea why he had them, it’s been 18 years of me waiting for this day!)
They were so lovely for me to see, as were the gorgeous photos of myself getting ready, so nice for my husband to see.
Throughout our wedding day John was there, clicking away and capturing all the moments we wouldn’t want to miss, in a good way he was almost like ghost, hardly seen as he was grabbing those natural shots.
We had some lovely feedback from our guests on the day as well, all commenting on how friendly John was and how at ease he was putting everyone.
Pretty sure he calmed a few people’s nerves that day, just by his reassurance alone!
If anyone is thinking about booking John, just do it! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed, without a doubt I will be recommending John to all that ask, absolutely amazing service!
Thank you so much John for being apart of our special day, and capturing all the beautiful moments that we can now treasure for a lifetime xxxx”.

Melissa & Lee ★★★★★ “Having trolled through god knows how many wedding fairs, our prayers were answered by John! We had met lots of photographers and looked through hundreds of photographs, but none of them were a touch on John and his amazing work. When we met him, we clicked immediately and were blown away by his work. There was never any pressure to book him, but we did that same day as we knew he was going to do an amazing job of capturing our special day.

John put us at ease with any worries or concerns we had before the big day. He always got back to us within a few hours and gave us lots of great advice in our pre-wedding meeting.

On the day, John made us feel at ease from the moment he arrived. Everyone commented on how relaxed and friendly he was, and how they barely knew he was there (in a good way!!). He was never in our face with the camera or getting us to pose for photographs, everything was just so natural. Exactly the way we wanted it to be. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a kinder and more talented photographer to capture our special day for us.

Thank you John, we are so glad we chose you all those months ago! You’ve been amazing from the beginning and we are so grateful to you for everything you’ve done for us. We are beyond excited to see our beautiful photographs x”.

Debbie & Alex ★★★★★ “Alex and I are both in the entertainment industry and are very used to having creative control over EVERYTHING we do! – so handing that control over was something we thought long and hard about.

We chose John as our photographer, having seen some of his previous wedding photography and also having met him through our business. From the very start of our conversations about our plans, he was extremely accommodating, listened to all our strange requests and never once told us he couldn’t do anything we wanted. We are such busy people and we really needed to know that there would be nothing to worry about on the day. We chatted at length about what we did (and didn’t) want! We filled out the information form for the day and handed it all over to him. With quite an unconventional family set up there were photographs we wanted to have taken, some we needed to have taken and loads we didn’t realise we wanted or needed!

From the very first moment of John meeting Alex at his parents house on the morning of the wedding, he put them all at ease and in the process captured some lovely moments. With myself and my bridesmaids he was there as we all got ready through hair and make-up – never intrusive but always snapping away. His easy-going and friendly attitude really helped to quell my nerves and the moments he captured between myself and my father are particularly lovely.

Throughout the ceremony we were both so wrapped up in what was going on that we barely noticed he was there. Following the ceremony we spent some time out and about in the grounds of Gildredge Park….this has to be one of my favourite moments of our day. We felt relaxed, excited, elated and totally at ease – all rolled into one! It was so much fun, strolling around without a care in the world and whilst we felt it was all totally natural, John clearly had a very detailed plan in his head as to what he wanted to create and capture. Some of these photos are my absolute favourites.

The reception followed, the speeches and then on to the cutting of the cake and the evening reception. John was there for it all – never getting in the way but remaining completely involved. We received a set of 40 photographs in a Facebook album the following day – we had asked all our guests to refrain from posting on social media for 3 days and wanted the first shots our special day to be Johns. We were not disappointed and the reaction was amazing.

Now, just three weeks later we have seen the entire 1375 photographs. Words cannot express our delight at what John has produced for us. What he has managed to capture within his photographs is truly outstanding. We didn’t employ anyone to take a video – who needs that when you have John? – the photographs tell an immaculate story of our entire day. Every emotion, look, touch and sound can be felt through his pictures. Having seen them all neither of us could quite put into words at the time what they mean to us.

So, here goes Mr Scofield – yes, we got everything we wanted from our wedding photographs but we got SO much more! (I am getting emotional writing this now) The memories of our day have been captured for us, our families and especially our two young children and we know that our albums will become treasured possessions for years to come. Thank you John, for making it all seem so effortless, for making us look so amazing AND most of all for being an amazing friend throughout it all. Maybe handing over creative control isn’t that bad after all eh?”

Elizabeth & David ★★★★★ ” We could not recommend John highly enough, he was absolutely fantastic to work with and the work he produced was truly impressive and produced life long memories for us and our family on our wedding day.

John was super when organising people and group shots on the wedding day, he was friendly and effortlessly able to get everyone into those large group shots when needed and required no micro management from us which really helped produce natural photos to capture the day.

John was a self starter and very proactive on the wedding day, he came down well in advanced of our booking start time to checkout the location in further detail and captured some great candid shots before the wedding ceremony began.

The post production and post wedding customer service was equally fantastic, our photos arrived very promptly to us via his mobile app and online gallery. We also opted for the large A3 photo book which was a very high quality item of work and a great way to present our best photo’s – if you have the option to purchase this I would strongly advise this also as it’s a great memento of the day – we would recommend John to anyone!”.

Laura & Tom ★★★★★ “Thank you so much for sending through the gallery – the pictures are just fantastic! We got the link whilst we were on honeymoon and spent a good amount of time (with a spot of champagne) going through them all. You have entirely met the aim that we discussed with you for the wedding – lots of pictures of our friends and family, especially the kids, in a relaxed setting.

In addition to the amazing range of photos (from which we have about a hundred favourites) we both felt that the way you handled the day was brilliant and the laid back, non intrusive manner you have was particular appreciated. We had other guests comment on your lovely approach with the kids and adults, and your inventiveness with the weather was excellent. We cannot thank you enough!”.

Chanell & Luke ★★★★★ “Mr John Scofield…..Where do I start? From the moment we first met John I knew he was the man to photograph our special day. Highly professional yet fun and on the ball!! John is a perfectionist, his timekeeping is second to none – he doesn’t miss a thing! John, you captured every look, every tear, every smile and made us feel at ease with the camera from start to finish. For two people who are extremely camera shy you guided us, made us laugh and you were honestly like having one of our friends taking the photos! If your looking for a photographer with that little extra something then JOHN is your man.

Creative and artistic, his photos stood out a mile when I researched photographers for my wedding. I was not disappointed! They are truly breathtaking. I would strongly recommend to anybody to purchase a photo book. The quality is unreal and definitely worth spending a little extra on. It really is something special to treasure forever. John I cannot thank you or recommend you enough. You’re AMAZING at what you do xxx”.

Alison Spicer ★★★★★ “The photos which John took at my father’s 90th surprise party were absolutely stunning, he captured emotions and expressions brilliantly as he discreetly moved around the venue and the memories of a lovely day can be seen for years to come”.

Lucy & Malcolm ★★★★★ We had such a wonderful wedding day with the great help and guidance John provided he certainly went more than the extra mile and all our family and guests enjoyed his company and experience very much. We felt very comfortable at every stage. We can’t thank you enough! X”.

Nathan Dolby ★★★★★ “More than just a photographer, made the day so much easier, ever when I got into a SPOT of bother, would highly recommend as he goes above and beyond what a photographer should do”.

Mr & Mrs Ellis ★★★★★ “Cannot recommend John enough! He was so amazing to work with, he shot our wedding in May at The Ravenswood, it was such a pleasure to have him at our big day and the best choice to capture how amazing the day was. Complete professional through and through, kept us both calm and relaxed throughout the day and we both had such a laugh with him too. 

I was very fussy & particular about what I was looking for in a photographer and found all that when I came across John.

The before and after service has been outstanding and he has captured memories that will last a life time for us. We cannot thank him enough for everything.

If you haven’t booked a photographer for your big day yet… BOOK JOHN!! 

A huge thank you and big love xx”.

Leanne & Luke ★★★★★ “John was an absolutely amazing for our Wedding day. If you haven’t booked a photographer yet, book John. He was incredible, so friendly and make us both feel so calm on the day. We had such a laugh and he definitely made it for us. John responded to our emails quickly before our big day and was very approachable. Have only seen a few photos and cant wait to recieve them all, they are fantasic. Thanks again  xx”.

Charlene Searle ★★★★★ We had the pleasure of having John for our wedding in May this year. John was amazing from beginning to end. He made sure he got to know us and exactly what we wanted for our big day. He was really friendly but also so professional and his style of photography is second to none. He captures special moments that you don’t even realise are there. John was also great on the day, everyone complemented him on how lovely he was. The children also thought he was fab. Would highly recommend having John at your wedding. Thank you very much John”.

Danny & Richard ★★★★★ “What can I say? Amazing Pictures from a thoroughly nice and genuine person. I cant recommend John enough. You expect great pictures when you book any photographer and John certainly lives up to that. What you do not expect is to have a friend by your side all day. The way John conducts himself is simply perfect, from offering advice on where to stand during the ceremony, to giving up his well earnt space in the food que. John went above and beyond to make our day special and stress free. Thank you very much…!”

Mr & Mrs Galloway ★★★★★ “John was our Photographer for our wedding last Sunday and we cannot recommend him enough!! He sent us a few pictures the next day so we could have a feel of how our pictures will look and we was blown away! He knew all the great locations and was so professional with everything. Even all our guests loved him and said how amazing he was! So down to earth! He knew exactly what he was doing! I strongly suggest if you get married at the Ravenswood, have John do your pictures! We cannot wait for all the rest and our wedding book he’s making for us in a few weeks time! John you are amazing! Thank you sooooo much!! Lots of love! Xxxx”.

Lauren Post ★★★★★ “As a serial bridesmaid, I can honestly say that John is the best photographer I’ve ever come across!

John completely prioritised the bride and groom in a way so many other photographers don’t. He made sure he added to their day, instead of monopolising when and what they did based around photos. He even made sure they were given canapés during the family photos so they didn’t miss out!”

John spent time getting to know both the bride and groom and their friends and family. As a result, the photographs were a really nice part of the wedding and John embraced (and encouraged!) our silly fun – capturing these natural moments with such beautiful and special photos.

Additionally, John was so natural and it didn’t at all feel intimidating or imposing having him photograph us. In fact, he joined it with our fun; let us choose the silly photos we wanted; took selfies with us; and he felt so much more like a wedding guest than a photographer! 

I know the bride and groom will write their own recommendation on the fantastic service John provided for them, however, I have been a part of so many conversations about how fantastic myself and the other wedding guests thought John was, that I too had to write a review! Thank you for adding to their day John and for joining in with our jokes and fun! x”.

David Searle ★★★★★ John was amazing from start to finish. When we first met John on a home visit to discuss what we wanted from our wedding photos we felt totally relaxed. John asked us what we wanted and gave us some great ideas for every eventuality. When it came to the wedding day John was the calmest person there, so relaxed and nothing was a problem for him, even helping out with things if he saw something needed doing, and tied my tie several times for me to make sure it was looking its best. John was excellent with the children we had at the wedding and really patient with them and fitting in around them when needed. All of our guests loved john and really enjoyed getting photographed by him, especially on the dance floor where John blended in (great dance moves) and captured some great natural pictures. We were very lucky to have John photographing our wedding and we have so many great photos to look back on for years to come. Highly recommended. Thank you so much John!!!”.

Nicole & Jason ★★★★★ “John photographed my whole wedding day in May and he was truly amazing. The quality of the photos are fantastic and he has a great eye for capturing the atmosphere and emotion of the day Me and my husband are not a big fans of having photos taken but John made us feel so comfortable and confident to have pictures taken. On the run up to the wedding I didn’t have any worries or doubts about John being our photographer he was so organised and made us feel at ease. He has even continued to help us after the wedding with creating some beautiful wedding thank you cards. Having seen our photos we can safety say John was the best choice to capture our big day. Looking at our amazing shots he has transported us back to the most special day of our lives. Thank you so much John we are honestly very grateful and wish you all the best”.

Naomi & Simon ★★★★★ “Absolutely loved having John to capture our wedding day. We can’t thank him enough! So professional and friendly. Our guests kept commenting on how fantastic our photographer was. John made our day run to time but without any stress. We had no idea what the time was but we didn’t need to worry because John made sure we were at the right place at the right time and made sure we got all of our dream photos and so many more than we could have thought of ourselves. He is so approachable and knowledgeable. We have our photos back and were speechless when we 1st looked at them. He captured our day perfectly and so much more than we could have ever imagined. Thanks John! xx”.

Elizabeth & Jan ★★★★★ John made everyone feel at ease and a real down to earth guy. So I can’t recommend him enough, a class act. Anyone who is looking for a photographer please consider and book John he is amazing. To work with John is such an honour – he is a happy and amazing man. He made me and my family and all my guests feel like we were princesses and princes. I would highly recommend John. Thank you again for making our day just that extra bit perfect x”.

Tina Williams ★★★★★ “Would like to say a huge thank you, I have just seen the photographs of Fiona and Marks wedding. You made every picture tell a story, you were also so professional and never got in the way, I also have to say that I will personally recommend you”.

Hannah Griffin ★★★★★ “John made our day one to remember! He was fantastic at capturing very shot, in the right place at the right time, organised our friends and family for the perfect group photos. Not only was he so friendly and made you feel at ease around him, all our guests commented how nice and professional he was. He is very organised and delivers exactly what he says plus more. I wouldn’t have anyone else but him as a photographer! I 10000% recommend!”.

Heidi & Mike ★★★★★ “Amazing job thank you John, love each and every photo. You really captured the essence of each part of the day and night, just what we wanted. We will cherish the moments forever now. Xx”.

Lucy Fitter ★★★★★ “Wonderful Wonderful Photos. Thank you. I have cheek ache from smiling as I watched the slide show, though the lovely ones of Mark and the boys brought tears to my eyes. Some really fabulous shots. Well done”.

Harriet Somarib ★★★★★ “I hired John for a baptism ceremony.  It was not difficult to make arrangements with John. He takes delight in making everything simple. He was pleasant, patient and most of all a professional in taking children pictures. He captured not only beautiful pictures but some very memorable moments. Excellent professional service from him. I can’t thank him enough. He is so down to earth and respectful in personality. His service was the most affordable from all other photographers I contacted. I will definitely recommend him to all friends and use him for all future events. Thanks John x”

Katie Wheatley ★★★★★ “Wow what stunning pictures!!!!”.

Ashley Hodd ★★★★★ “We chose John to capture our special day and from the first day we met we couldn’t speak highly enough of him. He was so organised, very professional but also very approachable. He made myself and wife feel at ease knowing he had everything covered and he was fully in control. All of our guests and family was very complementary of John too. We received our finished wedding album and the results were amazing. We couldn’t of been happier with the end results. I would highly recommend John and without a shadow of doubt he was worth every penny”.

Claire Robinson ★★★★★ “What an incredible photographer! This is just so beautiful. Love it!”.

Laura Weir ★★★★★ We booked John to take photographs of 3 generations of our family, including Grandparents and young grandchildren. All the adults were slightly apprehensive but John put us all at ease during the session, expertly guiding us through a fun hour of natural shots taken on the beach and in a nearby park. John was particularly good at dealing with three under 7 year olds who often had their own ideas as to where they wanted to stand or walk or run or pose!!! The resulting photographs are really special and capture our family beautifully. Thank you John, we will be booking another session with you in the future without a doubt”.

Fiona Tait ★★★★★ “John Scofield is an amazing photographer he is very professional but makes you feel at ease. John captured the day perfectly with lots of different style shots. Would highly recommend!”.

Eliza Hackett ★★★★★ “Just stunning! Love this!”.

Charlotte & Ashley ★★★★★ “John these are fantastic! Thank you so much!! We are so pleased to have had you capture our day, you made the day that bit more special 💜 x x”.

Kimberley Smith ★★★★★ I love them 😍😍😍”.

Amy & Sam ★★★★★ “Such an amazing photographer, would definitely recommend!! John recently photographed our wedding and it was a pleasure to have him there to capture our big day! He was so friendly & made us feel so relaxed keeping it fun too! So many of our guests also mentioned how great John was! The photos we have had a sneak preview of also look amazing and we couldn’t be more happier with them! Thank you John for all of your hard work! Xx”.

Warren Loomes ★★★★★ “Truly fantastic photographer to work with. John strikes the perfect balance of fun and professionalism and is a pleasure to work with. The photos speak for themselves, outstanding and brilliantly created and edited 👍😁”.

Richard Clarke ★★★★★ “I had the pleasure of working alongside John yesterday on the south coast. We work alongside many photographers in our trade but John stood out a mile from most. He’s passionate about what he does, produces stunning results and goes the extra mile for his art. He’s also a thoroughly nice chap. I will be recommending him too many clients from now on. I hope we have the pleasure of working together again soon”.

Fiona & Christopher ★★★★★ “We were told to book a photographer early and we are glad we did. John was incredible from the preparation to the day itself. He had everything under control and put us and our guests at ease resulting in great shots. John was always ready with him camera to capture that special moment. His photography is breathtaking, the only problem we have now is to try and find 60 of our favourite pictures for our photo book out of the 700 that he produced for us. John felt more of a friend than someone you hire and we could not recommend his work and his professionalism enough. If you do not book John early than you will be left with second best”.

Travis Oakes ★★★★★ “Seriously awesome chap with an eye for detail & providing hints of magic! Quietly going about his profession with ease & enjoyment. #capturinglove #Wedding #above&beyond”.

Emma & Dan ★★★★★ John was amazing photographing our wedding yesterday, he took the time to capture every detail, whilst making us feel completely relaxed. John was a blessing in keeping us calm through the stressful moments, creatively snapping wonderful photos and ensuring he caught our beautiful guests most naturally. We couldn’t recommend John enough and we are so excited to choose the photos that will hang in our home for always. Thank you John you are a star! Much love xx”.

Stephanie & Wayne ★★★★★ “Wow what an amazing experience I am over the moon with how John captured our day. Such a professional yet friendly and caring person. I am overwhelmed with his work, absolutely recommending John to everyone”.

Wayne & Alison ★★★★★ “My wife and I cannot speak highly enough about the dedication and professionalism that John provided for our special Wedding Day! If you want the perfect Wedding Day photos with traditional shots along with something individual and quirky, we would have no hesitation in recommending John Scofield. He met us at our chosen hotel venue and his enthusiasm came across instantly as he proceeded to show us his portfolio. Not only was he a likeable cheeky chappy, his work was top class too, and we instantly knew that John would be able to capture our special day in the best way possible.

We next met up with John three weeks before the wedding when we discussed in more detail about the type of photos we would like taken. My wife and I gave our input about our specific requirements and then John talked to us about his great ideas, taking into consideration our wonderful seafront location and its panoramic views. His expertise and knowledge proved to be invaluable and was most definitely reflected in the final results. What also impressed us about John was that he agreed to meet me at the venue the day before our wedding (the weather conditions were due to be very similar to the next days forecast) and he took some demo shots in various locations around the hotel to ensure the lighting would be correct for the type of shots we wanted taking. Now that’s dedication!

The day of our wedding arrived and my groomsmen and I were promptly met by a smiling photographer at the agreed time. We were all naturally a little on edge as John took us onto the seafront to start snapping. All our anxieties rapidly disappeared as he put the Fun element into the shoot and he was able to capture some really natural shots along with some original ones which made for really great viewing. The same applied after the ceremony when my wife and I went out and about with the bridesmaids. The fun and laughter blended in with the seriousness which was more than helped by a beautiful sunny day with clear blue sky.

During the half day John spent with us, he was absolutely everywhere…and I mean everywhere. He took pictures I never even knew he had taken. My wife was particularly pleased as John had perfectly captured the beauty of her amazing wedding dress, highlighting some of the more intricate detail. Again she had no idea of this until she saw the photos. Well done Sir!! Bonus points there! John, from the bottom of our hearts, Alison and I would like to thank you for all your hard work, professionalism and dedication. The results are truly amazing, and we would have no hesitation in using your services again, or recommending you to other people. Many many thanks”.

Alice Adams ★★★★★ “What can we tell you that you probably don’t know already… except book him if you haven’t done so! 1 his schedule is jam packed, 2 he is simply the best. From the moment we met him at a wedding fayre we knew he had to be part of our day. Right from the start he has been amazing, made us feel both relaxed and he really has captured the “moments”. The photos from our engagement shoot, the sneaky peaks we have seen already from our big day are truly stunning. He had 2 brides to photograph and we couldn’t have asked for a better guy and friendlier photographer to do the job. Our guests are non stop talking about you (you’ve taken our lime light) and already some of our guests are getting ready to speak to you. You truly are fantastic and we are so grateful. Lots of love your brides Mrs & Mrs Adams xx”.

Debbie Hackett (Proprietor of Trapdoor Productions) ★★★★★ “John has taken photographs for our business and we have always been delighted with the results – he is a total pro and the quality of his pictures is outstanding – along with the fact he is a really nice guy! Booked for our wedding this year as well, we couldn’t recommend him more highly x”.

Mark & Emma ★★★★★ “Had some family portraits taken by John and couldn’t be more pleased with the photos. Extremely professional, will definitely be using him again”.

Jackie & Nick ★★★★★ Nick and myself want to say a massive thank you for our amazing wedding photos which we have seen on our gallery. You captured our special day with such perfection from the time before, during our after our ceremony. With your brilliant sense of humour and calm personality you managed to keep everyone on the day focused and kept nerves at bay, allowing you to take the most superior quality pictures. You took so many beautiful photographs that no one knew you were taking, capturing the most natural photos I’ve seen. Your support, advice and friendship right from our very first meeting was unbelievable. You are a true professional, and your skills speak for themselves. It was an honour to have you as such a big part of our special day John and we are so proud to show everyone our photos which tell our story so perfectly. We would recommend your services to anyone considering a wedding photographer. Thank you so much John.  With endless thanks love and best wishes”.

Francine & Wayne ★★★★★ “We want to thank you for your fantastic work you did for our wedding, the pictures are amazing and you captured our whole day from start to finish with perfection. We will be recommending you to anyone who asks for a good photographer. thank you very much”.

Ruth McGeown ★★★★★ “I was the make-up artist at a friend’s wedding recently and John was fantastic! He put everyone at ease and was amazingly well organised. He got all of the fab shots you’d hope for, plus loads of surprise ones too that really helped to tell the story of the day. I’d highly recommend John to any future brides out there”!

Anne Freeman ★★★★★ “Just wanted to say thank you very much for your excellent photos of my son and daughter in laws wedding day. You capture every little detail around the day. Many thanks again…”.

Mike Searle ★★★★ “John recently photographed my brothers wedding and he was simply awesome! Great shots and captured some truly great moments, great with the kids and was happy to accommodate requests made on the day! Oh and not to mention a bloody decent chap! Book him up!!”

Gaye Nethercot ★★★★★ “John has been the photographer at some events that my daughters have been involved in over the past few months. All the photos taken were absolutely amazing and really capture the most beautiful moments. I am so lucky to have so many gorgeous photos that John has taken of my girls, treasured memories. Would highly recommend”!

Lyndsey Russell ★★★★★ “Perfectly captured xx”.

Cathy LittleJohn  ★★★★★ “Wow what amazing pictures, John really had a challenge on his hands with not 1 Boxer puppy but 2! The pictures were more than we could ever had imagined and received them so quickly! Thank you John for such a great job. My son has booked John Scofield for his wedding next year as was really impressed not only with Johns work but John himself, can’t wait to see the photos. We would definitely recommend John Scofield Photography to all our friends and Family x

Darren Powell ★★★★★ “Fantastic photos taken of my daughter’s birthday party. Great professional job done with no fuss. Highly recommended”!

Alison Spicer ★★★★★ “Absolutely brilliant pictures, thank you for your patience, time & gentleness with little 5 day old Alfie . Couldn’t have wished for anything more Xx”!

Phil Foster ★★★★★ “I had the good fortune, and proud honour, to be asked to be Best Man for a good friend at his wedding in a delightful place in Tunbridge Wells recently… and so I was introduced to John Scofield early in the day. He impressed me immediately by producing a list of the main photographs that had been requested by my friend (who by this time was a nervous wreck and barely able to fasten his own tie) and his wife-to-be. For the next few hours, and for the rest of the day, John was at his task in earnest. He was everywhere and getting photos of everyone and everything. I’ve never seen a photographer be in so many places at once. He stayed with us throughout the day and well into the evening capturing the happy couple’s memorable moments. Then a week later an invite was received to view the photographs taken in an online album. The quality was superb. The “moment” had been captured in each shot – and there was a lot! John had worked tirelessly on the day, and here was the proof. My girlfriend has gone through the online album innumerable times already. I know my friend and his wife have also do so, but so many, many times more! The quality of the pictures taken and the moments captured is superb. The variety of tints and perspectives is wonderful. And he was even kind enough to edit out the bride’s mascara runs caused by the tears from my friend’s heartfelt and tear-jerking speech. The proof of something good is returning, re-using, or re-visiting an enjoyable experience. And to that end, as and when my girlfriend and I get married, it will be John Scofield that I will be using. Thank you for all your effort on the day John”.

Pat Saunders ★★★★★ “Totally agree with what all the girls have said John- you have captured everything perfectly and we are so grateful that you have created some amazing memories for us – thank you x”.

Helen Pomery (Proprietor of Empirical Events) ★★★★★ “John I would just like to drop you a quick note to thank you so much for everything you did for us yesterday. You came along and joined us as the official event photographer at our Valentine’s Wedding Show at the De La Warr Pavilion and I cannot believe that you have got the photo’s to me so quickly! The photos you have taken have quite simply managed to capture the essence of the wonderful day we all had, we were so busy and had so much going on for the duration of the show and you got it all!

For me, one of the important things in choosing your photographer is picking someone that will blend in to the day almost unnoticed and you definitely did that. After just a few hours I felt like I had known you for a lifetime, I hardly saw you but you were always there and the photo’s you’ve just shared with me prove that.

On behalf of Empirical Events Wedding Shows and on behalf of all of the exhibitors there on the day we really cannot thank you enough and look forward to working with you again”.

Laura May Sivers ★★★★★ “There are no words to describe how amazing they all are. Literally I’m speechless. You captured the whole day perfectly. Thank you so much x x”.

Sue Fry ★★★★★ “Words cannot express how amazing the shots are, oh to be so artistic! I will keep you posted on how it all goes and many thanks again John, I’ll be in touch shortly x”.

Rebecca Bates ★★★★★ “Beautiful, thank you John Scofield. Job well done! x”.

Brea Sargant ★★★★★ “These are gorgeous!!!”.

Graham Farnham ★★★★★ “I had some lovely surprise photographs taken as a Christmas present, all put on to canvas. This was all arranged without my knowledge, John quite happily went to the location and produced some stunning photographs and only had a very brief description of what was wanted,the outcome was fantastic and very professional, would definitely use again and would highly recommend him for any kind of photography”.

Debbie Astell (Proprietor of Times Two Productions) ★★★★★ “John photographed my catwalk show at Eastbourne Wedding Fair this January and I have just had the pleasure of seeing the photos. They are truly stunning, capturing each model at the perfect moment. Thank you John for a brilliant set of photos, one of the best shoots ever in my long experience of producing fashion shows!!” Thank you so much for these amazing pictures, the best ever at Eastbourne Wedding Fair and as I said, in all the shoots I have had”.

Anna & Michael ★★★★★ “You are a star! A cut above the rest. We can’t compliment John enough for what he did for us. He just seemed to understand exactly what we wanted and his attention to detail is incredible. What an eye he has for fabulous photos!!! He is such a lovely guy to deal with and has the ability to blend organising people for the group photos and also disappear into the background for all the natural shots. We couldn’t have asked for more. We would recommend him to everyone. Thanks again John for capturing our special day to perfection”.

Sara & Dean ★★★★★ “We are really pleased with the photos we have and will highly recommend you”.

Alice Howard ★★★★★ “We are beyond excited to have John shoot our wedding next July. Yesterday he took us for a pre-wedding photo shoot where he suggested an excellent location and made us feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera! This is not easy when we are both pretty camera shy! He has already managed to edit and upload our images and they are truly outstanding. He has captured some beautiful images through his enthusiasm and professionalism which shone through all afternoon and created a relaxed atmosphere. We would absolutely recommend John and cannot wait to work with him at our wedding 🙂 xxx”.

‪Kayleigh Osborne ★★★★★ “Fantastic photos! x”.

Kristen Wojciechowski ★★★★★ “John’s photography is simply beautiful. He really knows how to capture the bride and groom and all the right moments. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him so you can always remember your special day”.

Laura Nicholson ★★★★★ “John’s photos captured smiles and lines you didn’t even remember happening. He was suitably discreet whilst managing to find some beautiful images. I was very impressed with the photography and think he would be a fabulous addition to any wedding day”.

Vanessa Pohlhammer (Proprietor of J&V Productions) ★★★★★ “Thank you John for these lovely photos of the models from J&V Productions”.

Janette Lee ★★★★★ “Just like to say I think the wedding photos you took of Wayne & Fran were very special you captured those special moments that make memories last. Love the idea of using Bexhill landmarks you have a great eye. As for the children you captured them so well. Thank you for doing a wonderful job”.

Linda & Graham ★★★★★ “We hired John to spend time capturing us with our children and grandchildren on a nice sunny day in the summer. He was able to take some of the most special photos we’ve seen. They were so natural and we forgot he was even there after a while. He has created permanant memories for us that we have shared with the whole family. We would have no hesitation in recommending John as his manner, skill and images are second to none in our opinion and we are most grateful for his dedication to the job”. 

Wayne Spicer ★★★★★ “The day went so very quickly but we have your wonderful photos to remember our day. Magnificent. Thank you”.

Laura Sivers ★★★★★ “John these are absolutely stunning, thank you so much for capturing the most special day so beautifully. You are so talented😍 it was lovely having you around all day – thank you so much😘 x x”.

Violet ★★★★★ “A 90th birthday comes around once and it was an opportunity to get all of my family together in one place. I hired a fantastic function room in an Eastbourne hotel and 60 of my nearest and dearest were invited. John was recommended to me as an event photographer and I must say since that date I have been able to relive every moment and expression during the 4 hour party as he created the most fantastic photo book for me. The book which told the story of the event from family and friends arriving right up to when we had to say our goodbyes is now one of my most treasured possessions”.

Fiona Burns ★★★★★ “I worked with John at the Eastbourne Wedding Catwalk show. I have worked with many photographers over the years as a model and can highly recommend John to capture moments beautifully. I was really happy with the images he took of me and look forward to hopefully working with John again”.

David & Sarah ★★★★★ “We looked for ages to find the right photographer for us and after meeting a couple of unsuccessful characters we met John. His friendly manner put us at ease straight away and the way he guided us through the day was amazing. His photography style was just what we were looking for – very natural with a nice balance of black and white images and posed shots. We have already recommended John to our close friends for their wedding and we have recently ordered a large leather album for from him for us and two parent photo books for our Mums and Dads as a thank you for their support. Thank you John”.

Nikki Brook ★★★★★ “Stunning photos John!!! Literally can’t wait to see them all! You have captured the day beautifully! And it was amazing to have you with us for the day!!! Xxx”.

Thomas Hackett ★★★★★ “Stunning photos of a magical day xx”.

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